Rotating Tyres

It is advice to rotate all four tyres every 10,000KM. I used the method on the BF Goodrich AT site.

This tells you to move the back tyres straight to the front, i.e. back left to front left and back right to front right. The front tyres are then moved to the back but these are crossed; front right to back left and front left to back right.

This way every tyre will eventually get the same wear, for the Freelander this is especially important since the drive line is a sensitive piece of equipment.

It may sound stupid but it's a good idea to mark the wheels with there location on the vehicle before you remove them. Maybe it's just me but you'll be surprised how easy you can get confused. A good way to mark the wheels is by never washing the car, ever, and simply write on the rims with your finger.

Odometer: 151880KM

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  1. This is a certain method of wrecking your VCU. New tyres to the back if only fitting in pairs. Its to do with the circumference of the tyre. Putting a pair of new or "less warn" on the front causes the VCU to slip more and wears it out much quicker. This is Land Rovers confirmed in your Freelander Handbook.