Oil Change

Replacing the engine oil, engine oil filter and gearbox oil. The engine oil service was according to schedule, however according to the Haynes manual gearbox oil it is not needed to be replaced. Since I am taking of the IRD (see other post) I might as well put new oil in it. Getting the oil out is easy, but geting new oil in is a little trickier.

To fill up the gearbox I used a (clean!) garden hose and stuck it in the filler hole.
Mileage: 169030

VCU and Driveshaft Removal

The VCU realy started to stiffen up the drivetrain, to be safe I removed the entire main driveshaft including the VCU and bearings from the car.

Removing it is pretty straightforward, just make sure to secure the shafts they are a bit clumsy. I fixed the shafts to the bottom of the car and gradually lowered the enter shaft gradually, being careful not to bend it to much.