Rotating Tyres

It is advice to rotate all four tyres every 10,000KM. I used the method on the BF Goodrich AT site.

This tells you to move the back tyres straight to the front, i.e. back left to front left and back right to front right. The front tyres are then moved to the back but these are crossed; front right to back left and front left to back right.

This way every tyre will eventually get the same wear, for the Freelander this is especially important since the drive line is a sensitive piece of equipment.

It may sound stupid but it's a good idea to mark the wheels with there location on the vehicle before you remove them. Maybe it's just me but you'll be surprised how easy you can get confused. A good way to mark the wheels is by never washing the car, ever, and simply write on the rims with your finger.

Odometer: 151880KM

Catalytic Converter Replacement

The old catalytic converter was clearly worn, when driving around you could hear the metal insides clanging around inside the housing.

I ordered a new converter from this also came with two new gaskets. I picked up some galvanised steel nuts and bolts from a local store assuming the old ones would need grinding of.

The old converter still looked pretty good, the bolts on the back part where also in good enough shape to be removed with using a spanner. The cat and exhaust have a-symmetrical mounting points, because of this you can only mount it on in one way, not one of the wrong ones, brilliant!

New cat, new gaskets, new bolts looks good! I expected it to go all wrong, but no leaks or problems, it also didn't fall of!

Odometer: 151880KM

Blogging a Freelander

For the first time since we have the Freelander I was doing some actual real and needed work on it. The main thing was to replace the catalytic converter, but while I was at it I decided to also rotate the tyres around the car. An important thing to do when rotating tires is to note the odometers milage. I was thinking where to store this information, which would usually render me in indecision thinking about how and where to record this info. Having a bright moment I figured it would be a good idea to start a blog... how boring! Well, at least its not about computers this time so it's not nerdy, is it?
Anyhow, from now on I'll try and keep this blog up to date with the status of our Freelander. Also I'll add some info from before this date, could come in handy.