Freelander Freelifting

Clutch slave cylinder broke. Apparently this happens. This happened in the middle of the city on a busy intersection. The clutch pedal was like kicking air, nothing happened.

We got the Volvo XC70 out to pull the car to the local Volvo garage who we know very well. They where helpful enough to load the Freelander on a car ambulance and bring it home (with a Land Cruiser...). We could not tow the car home the entire way, with the last adventure in the middle of a field in the middle of the night we damaged the front tow point and whilst pulling over the road with the XC70 it snapped off.

I asked a friend who works at a Land Rover garage to get an new clutch master/slave cylinder kit, and a new front tow point.

Next up some time in the garage...

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